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About HPLC Spares.com


Hands-On HPLC Equipment Servicing Courses


HPLC Spares is a division of Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd, based in the UK, in Rochester, Kent.

We can ship spares almost anywhere in the world

This is a source of new and used parts for most makes of HPLC equipment.


If you need training in the servicing of HPLC Equipment, several servicing courses and troubleshooting courses are available through the Stuart Jones HPLC Academy.

These are practical hands-on courses, so you feel confident to undertake a repair yourself. Some courses are specific to a single make, while others cover all makes of HPLC equipment


New HPLC Spares

Used HPLC Spares

We offer a wide range of spare parts for most makes of HPLC Equipment. Where possible we supply original equipment parts,

Some parts need to be sourced direct from the manufacturer, so please see the links from the homepage to see which parts we can offer.

If a new part is really expensive, such as a circuit board, you may like to check out if we have a used part available


We have a graveyard of old instruments which have proved to be too expensive to repair. Some of these are relatively modern instruments, and some have some valuable spare parts.

If you need a part which turns out to be prohibitively expensive, such as a cover, a pumphead, a circuit board, a wiring loom etc, maybe we will have a secondhand part which will help. Stock changes all the time, so it is always worth a call!

+44 (0) 1634 294001


Tools and accessories

Service Engineer to help you


Before attempting to work on your HPLC you will need some tools. Some you can buy from the local harware store, but some HPLC tools can be hard to find, and are essential for HPLC maintenance. So we offer a full range.

There may still be one or two special tools which are unique to your particualr instrument. Check the manual that came with it, and when buying a new instrument, be sure to keep any special tools safe!



We encourage you to have a go and repair your HPLC yourself. If you are intelligent enough to do HPLC, you are almost certainly intelligent enough to service it!

If you try to service your equipment and get stuck, or you prefer that we come and do it for you, that is fine. We offer service contracts, and can also come on a one-off basis. Or you can send it back to us for a low-cost repair.